Corporate retreat in Santorini, Greece with team-building activities.

Santorini is undoubtedly one of Greece’s must-visit destinations, offering everything from relaxed dining and thrilling adventures to breathtaking views!


Nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is famed for its ancient vineyards and volcanic beaches, making it a destination to explore over several days.


The domed roofs, iconic architecture, and sparkling waters of Santorini are easily recognizable to those who have long dreamt of visiting this magnificent Cycladic island.

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Greece: An Ideal Place for Relaxation and Culture

Discussing Greece without mentioning its history and culture is impossible. Even those least interested in history will tell you, the country’s past is a must-know. Greek mythology, narrating through tales and legends the lives and roles of gods and goddesses in creating the universe, is foundational to this perception of Greece. The country brims with landscapes dominated by architectural treasures and essential sites that are the pride of locals and the joy of tourists. For example, the frescoes of the Minoan palaces, the columns of the sacred island of Delos, the center of the world at Delphi, and the whitewashed houses contribute to the country’s charm. Beyond Athens, the capital, there are also the Greek islands offering breathtaking views and panoramas. There are about 6,000 islands, of which only around 200 are inhabited. It should also be noted that 14 of them are regularly cited among the most beautiful islands in the world. Among these are Hydra, Santorini, Corfu, Kefalonia, and Mykonos. Don’t forget to visit Poros, Loutraki, Heraklion, or Crete, the island of the gods. It all depends on what you’re looking for, from tranquility to festivities.

A Corporate Retreat in Greece to Enjoy a Refreshing Setting

Another advantage of Greece is that the country is full of diverse landscapes like beaches, mountains, ancient ruins, or Venetian citadels. For instance, Greece has beautiful fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters that can rival those of the Caribbean. Considering the cultural and mythological richness that characterizes Greece, there are hundreds of historical sites to visit. Thus, you will be spoiled for choice according to your interests. Staying within the context of team activities and entertainment, thrill-seekers can enjoy themselves with rafting. This will be an opportunity to have fun while appreciating the wild beauty of the Greek landscape. Besides rafting, other possible activities include:

  • a discovery day aboard a fishing boat

  • a discovery bike ride of Street Art

  • an immersion in an ancient site of the Olympic Games

To conclude, in terms of gastronomy, Greek cuisine is as noteworthy as that of its neighbors. Local specialties like tzatziki, feta, or moussaka will delight your taste buds. For drinks, the must-tries are retsina and ouzo, an anise-flavored alcohol.

Corporate Retreat in Greece: Opting for an Authentic Destination

Just a few hours flight from France, Greece is perfectly suited for corporate retreats. Contact us without delay to organize an event that meets your team’s expectations.

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