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Environment plants over 10,000 trees per year using the Ecosia browser.

In the office, we apply a paperless policy, separate waste collection, and recycling. also offers you a carbon footprint assessment to offset the environmental impact of your retreat.


We entrust the prints for our events to CAT“Les ateliers de la coopération”. also invests a portion of its revenue every year in BabyLoan, the micro-entrepreneurs loan program in France and internationally.

Health participates in a medical caravan in remote regions of Africa with the Lions Club to treat cataracts.

We also participate in a gynecological medical caravan in Morocco. supports the association “Le Silence des Justes” to help autistic children and their families.

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Collaboration is the key to a successful company retreat!

Our offsite management platform allows us to co-build your project and gives you an overview of the progress of organizing your event.

During your offsite, all participants have access to our customized mobile application with the complete detailed program, a secure social network, and instant messaging support.

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Unusual, authentic, or typical destinations, in the city, under the sun, or in the great outdoors,
the choice is difficult, but one thing is certain: we’ll be together!

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Challenge us !
séminaire d'équipe à la montagne

Challenge us !

Tested, approved, and constantly renewed, our activities and destinations are selected meticulously.

Our teams design an event tailored to your company’s vision.

Whether you’re a large group or a select few, seeking thrills, adventure, or simplicity, for us it’s always “challenge accepted”!


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From emotions to destinations to activities… Everything you need to know to organize an exceptional corporate retreat

What is a corporate retreat?
And how to organize it?

Increasingly, French companies are showing interest in corporate retreats to strengthen their corporate culture, enhance internal communication, and foster cohesion among employees. What is a corporate retreat? What benefits can a company gain from it? How do you organize one? We provide all the keys to understanding the stakes and mastering the organization of a successful professional event.

What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat takes the form of an event that gathers part or all of the company’s employees for one or several days. Typically, a corporate retreat is organized in a setting different from the company’s premises. In this context, the organizer can choose a regional, national, or international destination.

Classic retreats can last from one day to a week, depending on the concept of the event. During this period, the program usually alternates between work sessions, team-building activities, and relaxation times.

Given the wide range of possibilities and the interest that teams have in such extraprofessional events, corporate retreats are considered a highly effective management tool in companies.

What are the different types of corporate retreats? 

Several different types of corporate retreats exist, each with its modalities and objectives.

First, there is the integration retreat. This is an event organized for new employees to help them integrate by informally introducing them to existing teams and the company’s codes and values.

Secondly, there is the motivation retreat. A classic, used by companies of all sizes, it aims to reward employees and celebrate the company’s successes. We also list the training retreat. Suitable for both new and existing company members, this retreat aims to train participants for skill improvement or in the context of evolving work methods within the company.

Finally, there are more targeted events: the management retreat, also known as a leadership retreat, and the sales retreat. These events are aimed at specific individuals within the company: executive personnel and sales staff. Their respective objectives are to train these employees in various management techniques, such as the art of delegating, conflict resolution, and establishing effective internal communication, and to improve the sales techniques of the sales teams.

What are the objectives of a professional retreat?

A corporate retreat can have several objectives depending on the company’s desires and needs. Generally, organizations choose to organize a retreat for the following reasons:

  • To strengthen or create team cohesion;
  • To boost employee motivation; 
  • To increase employees’ sense of belonging and thus promote their involvement and commitment to the organization;
  • To ensure the smooth integration of new arrivals within the company;
  • To review the numbers already achieved and present the company’s new objectives;
  • To improve employees’ skills; - To facilitate communication and exchanges among employees;
  • To improve the company’s image; - To value the results and efforts of employees and thus reward them. 

How do you organize a corporate retreat?

Organizing a corporate retreat is generally entrusted to specialists in corporate event planning. This approach offers many advantages, as it allows for the expertise of professionals and discounts on the total cost of the event. Regardless of the organizer, organizing a corporate retreat involves several steps:

  1. Set the objectives and expectations related to the event;
  2. Determine the allocated budget; 
  3. Choose the destination and venue;
  4. Define the date and duration of the retreat;
  5. Establish a quote indicating the prices of the services for the stay: hotels, transport, meeting rooms, activities, etc.;
  6. Draft a detailed schedule indicating the details of the meetings, places to visit on-site, relaxation times, team-building activities, etc.

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