Our team building ideas for your company retreat

Enjoy dozens of unique activities for a colorful team retreat. Seminaire.com can provide a variety of team building to renforce your team bonding !

Régate en voilier
Sailing regatta France , La Rochelle
Excursion en catamaran
Catamaran outing Spain , Marbella
Définition du séminaire d'entreprise
Berber Olympics in the Atlas Morocco , Marrakesh
Découverte d'Alberobello à vélo
Discovering Alberobello by bike Italy , Apulia
Découverte du Ferrari World
Discovery of Ferrari World United Arab Emirates , Dubai
Rallye jeep dans l'arrière-pays
Jeep rally in the backcountry Greece , Santorini
Visite d’un vignoble dans la Vallée d'Itria
Visit to a vineyard in the Itria Valley Italy , Apulia
Rallye sur les canaux
Rally on the canals Netherlands , Amsterdam
Escape Game en Fiat 500 Vintage
Escape Game in a Vintage Fiat 500 Italy , Rome
Challenge Régate
Regatta Challenge Spain , Barcelona
A la conquête du glacier Sólheimajökull
Conquering the Sólheimajökull Glacier Iceland , Reykjavik
Souk Express dans la Médina
Souk Express in the Medina Morocco , Marrakesh
Quad dans le Désert d'Agafay
Quad biking in the Agafay Desert Morocco , Marrakesh
Aventure en quad dans le désert
Quad biking adventure in the desert United Arab Emirates , Dubai
Baignade dans le Blue Lagoon
Swimming in the Blue Lagoon Iceland , Reykjavik
Découverte du Hippie Market
Discovering the Hippie Market Spain , Ibiza
Chasse aux tapas
Tapas Hunt Spain , Barcelona
Motoneige sur le glacier
Snowmobiling on the glacier Iceland , Reykjavik
Chasse aux Aurores Boréales
Northern Lights Hunt Iceland , Reykjavik
Rallye Jeep à Sintra
Jeep Rally in Sintra Portugal , Lisbon
Croisière en voilier sur les côtes atlantiques
Sailing cruise along the Atlantic coasts Portugal , Lisbon
Spectacle de Fado à Lisbonne
Fado Show Portugal , Lisbon

Why trust seminaire.com for
Your corporate team-building activity?

For over 10 years, Seminaire.com has offered a unique combination of experience and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our headquarters are in Paris, but we have several offices and a robust network of high-level professionals worldwide.

Our clients rely on us to organize thousands of events each year. They know they can expect unifying team-building activities and a custom, exciting, and memorable corporate event!

How does a corporate retreat with Seminaire.com work?

We provide you with a dedicated contact to manage your corporate retreat from start to finish, while allowing you to partake in the organization with our collaborative tools.

During your retreat, we offer access to a personalized interactive app for all attendees, enabling them to access practical information and stay in touch throughout the stay.

At the end of your retreat, you’ll not only have unforgettable memories, but we also offer a video of your event that will promote your corporate culture.

How much does a corporate retreat cost?

As we’ve mentioned, we design custom retreats, so the cost can vary based on destination, time of year, duration, desired team-building activities, and many other factors.

To get a fairly accurate idea of your corporate event’s cost, we invite you to request a quote for free on our website. We’ll be delighted to send you our proposal in just a few days.

Why is team building important for your business?

Team building is important because it’s an investment that makes your team happier at work and increases employee retention.

When you organize a retreat for your employees, you let your team know that you appreciate them as individuals and want to get to know them better.

You also build meaningful connections with colleagues, which improves communication, collaboration, and productivity. And it doesn’t stop there!

Team-building activities have hidden benefits that will add value to your company culture, here are a few.

Stimulate Creativity

Sometimes, employees can get into a routine with their work. This isn’t always a bad thing since that’s how work gets done. However, a new perspective can bring a fresh look at challenges to overcome.

Taking the team out of their usual work environment to face non-professional challenges can encourage creative problem-solving when they’re back in the office.

Facilitate Contact

Even the best managers can be intimidating to employees, and this feeling can make employees hesitate to approach them to discuss workflow issues, new ideas, and career wishes.

In fact, half of the employees say they don’t regularly talk about their concerns. A good relationship with management can increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and reduce turnover rate, boosting the company culture.

Team-building exercises can be a great way to make managers more approachable, as there’s nothing like seeing your manager having fun crashing into the side of a go-kart track, tumbling in a potato sack race, or watching their precious egg splatter in an egg drop contest.

Identify Leaders

Team building offers the chance for people outside the leadership team to take on a leadership role, guiding their group to the success of the team-building exercise.

It’s a good way for management to observe leadership skills outside the office environment and identify potential future leadership candidates.

You’ll spot employees who take on planning and tactical roles and those who are most encouraging to other team members, two major qualities of future leaders.

Discover Hidden Talents

Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of work, you don’t learn much about your employees. There are often hidden talents that are discovered by chatting during retreats and team-building activities, which can be invaluable to the company and even advance careers.

Maybe an employee writes a blog about their weekend hikes, but those writing skills could be used on the company blog. Or perhaps an employee has taken evening classes, is part of many professional organizations, and is ready to become your next thought leader.

Employees who get the opportunity to use their strengths at work every day are 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit. By getting to know your employees better during team-building activities, you can discover their hidden talents and leverage their strengths.

Give Esteem

Team-building activities give everyone a chance to have fun and succeed. It’s a fantastic way to recognize accomplishments outside the work setting and boost employees’ self-esteem who might be struggling in the office. When the whole team has the opportunity to have fun and shine, everyone feels like a winner!

Boost Energy

Your company culture probably revolves around the energy in the office. When the team comes back from a fun retreat, the office energy can change, giving a boost to the company culture. It’s best if the team can have a memento of the event, like a t-shirt to wear on casual Fridays. Memories of the team-building event can serve as a reminder of the positive energy they created as a team and help circulate that vibe in the office.

Blend with Others

When you work in a department and have a common task, it makes sense that your work family is the same as the people in your department. Team building gives employees the chance to mingle with other departments and learn about their roles. If teams are divided in advance to ensure a mix of departments in each team, employees will bond with other departments.

This can give everyone a new insight into what other departments do and humanize colleagues who were previously just at the other end of an email address. What a fantastic way to foster understanding and unite the team on a larger scale!

When your team-building experience contributes to promoting a strong company culture, everyone wins! While team-building activities are known for their generally positive impact on company culture, these specific benefits demonstrate the tangible value of prioritizing team-building activities.

Investing in team building can help you tap into these hidden gems of team cohesion and develop the strong company culture you desire.

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