Corporate trip to Bulgaria, an exceptional destination

Bulgaria is an ideal destination for organizing corporate trips. With its exceptional hotels and state-of-the-art conference centers, the country offers a perfect setting to ensure the success of your corporate retreat.


The versatile complexes and auditoriums are plentiful, offering a wide variety of choices to find the perfect venue for your event. Moreover, Bulgaria also offers unique venues for organizing your offsites, such as wine cellars, historical buildings, museums, or even typical fincas in rural areas. These original venues will add a touch of authenticity and charm to your event.


Whether you choose to organize your corporate trip in Sofia, Plovdiv, or Varna, you are guaranteed to enjoy an exquisite environment. The team at is at your disposal to assist you in organizing your stay in Bulgaria. Contact us today to benefit from a tailored service and experience an unforgettable team building adventure in Bulgaria.

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When it comes to organizing a corporate retreat in Europe, Bulgaria is often an overlooked destination that is full of surprises. Located in the Balkans, this country offers an original and authentic setting for your professional events. Organizing a corporate trip to Bulgaria means choosing a country rich in history, culture, and varied landscapes.


1. Bulgaria, a perfect destination fo your corporate trip in Europe 

Discovering a fascinating culture

A corporate trip to Bulgaria is the perfect opportunity to discover a fascinating and still preserved culture. This country, situated at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, has a rich historical and cultural heritage. By visiting emblematic places like the Rila Monastery, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, or exploring the ruins of ancient cities, your colleagues will be immersed in the fascinating history of Bulgaria. Bulgaria also boasts a rich and varied culinary culture. Take advantage of your stay to taste traditional Bulgarian dishes like banitsa, kebapcheta, or even moussaka. A culinary experience that will delight the taste buds of your colleagues.

Breathtaking landscapes

Bulgaria is a country with diverse and spectacular landscapes. Between majestic mountains, verdant valleys, and Black Sea beaches, your colleagues will be amazed by the natural beauty of this country. Organizing a team retreat in Bulgaria is also an opportunity to offer original team-building activities. Mountain hiking, horseback riding in the Bulgarian countryside, or a relaxing day on the sandy beaches, there are numerous possibilities to strengthen the cohesion of your team. 


Warm hospitality 

Bulgarians are known for their hospitality and warmth. By organizing your corporate retreat in Bulgaria, you are guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms by the local population. Enjoy your stay to discover the country’s rich cultural heritage by participating in traditional activities such as folk dance lessons or local wine tastings. These moments of exchange and sharing will contribute to making your offsite unforgettable. 


Modern and suitable infrastructures

Bulgaria has modern and suitable infrastructures to host professional events of all sizes. Many hotels and convention centers offer quality services and equipped meeting spaces to ensure the success of your corporate retreat. Whether you choose to stay in the capital, Sofia, with its unique mix of modern architecture and historical buildings, or in a smaller and picturesque city, Bulgaria will charm you with its diversity and authenticity. 


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Let us guide you in organizing your corporate retreat in Bulgaria. Our experienced team will assist you in setting up a tailor-made event, perfectly meeting your needs and expectations. Contact us today to discover all the possibilities that Bulgaria offers for organizing your next corporate retreat.

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