Should we still travel given the current climate situation?

This debate is gaining momentum day by day. Putting an end to air travel or limiting it through a ranking system seems unrealistic and poses a major challenge to democracy. On the other hand, ignoring CO2 emissions from air transport is simply unthinkable. However, there are alternatives between these two extreme positions that allow for responsible travel. is committed to exploring and sharing these solutions with you, delving a little deeper each day. is committed to the environment

acheminement-en-train Travel by train

If a viable alternative is available, your project manager will always steer you towards the train. Whether it’s crossing Europe from your home or getting around once you’ve reached your destination, the train offers a different perspective, a pleasant transition where you can take your time, reflect, read, and exchange…

vols-directs-economiques Economical direct flights

In planning your itinerary, our air service always favors direct flights and the most energy-efficient planes. On this front, the airline industry is moving towards the use of synthetic kerosene, notably in Europe, under a regulatory project requiring a minimum of 2% kerosene (based on hydrogen and CO2).

hebergement-eco-friendly Eco-friendly accommodationy

We are proud to support establishments that adopt environmentally friendly practices, whether it’s energy conservation, responsible water management, or the integration of renewable energy sources. When you book an eco-friendly stay with, you take one more step towards a greener, more sustainable future, while enjoying unforgettable moments in exceptional places. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, an eco-chic getaway in Provence, or a sustainable adventure in a remote corner of the globe, our catalog is full of options that meet your needs while minimizing your carbon footprint.

voyages-routiers-electriques Electric road trips

Whether it’s safaris in e-4x4s or crossing Spain in a Tesla… When your trip involves a stretch of road (or track), we prioritize as much as possible local partners equipped with electric vehicles.

durabilite SUSTAINABILITY plants over 10,000 trees per year.

In the office, we apply a zero-paper policy, selective sorting, and recycling.


Committed for over ten years to combating climate change, offers to offset all emissions related to travel through our partner EcoTree.

Example: 3D/2N Seminar in Ibiza = 800 Kg of CO2 = 1 Sessile Oak Planted.

cooperation COOPERATION

Print for our events & retreats at CAT - Les ateliers de la coopération (The workshops of cooperation).

agence environnement 1

Aviation is committed
to ecology

avion-au-vert Flying green

Air transport is a significant aspect of our operations, currently accounting for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, a number that continues to rise. While technology is progressing to upgrade all airline fleets, the most advanced solution currently involves synthetic fuel—a blend of hydrogen and CO2. This fuel has the technical advantage of being immediately usable without modifications to existing airline fleets. Some airlines now provide passengers with the option to voluntarily contribute to funding this transformation. also advocates for the implementation of a tax to expedite the advancement of this technology.

neutralite-carbone What does carbon neutrality mean?

Each trip contributes measurably to global warming. We precisely calculate the amount of CO2 emissions associated with all your trips with us. This precise calculation model, certified by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), allows us to determine the number of trees to plant to offset the total volume of emitted CO2. For more than ten years, our growing commitment to reforestation projects now allows us to fully offset the CO2 emissions generated by our trips. Once neutrality is achieved, we of course continue to reduce our emissions by supporting these projects, the additional aspect (a commitment exclusively dedicated to reforestation) and sustainability (at least forty years) of which are guaranteed by an independent entity. Our short-term goal is to offset twice as much carbon as we emit, by multiplying reforestation projects.

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