Corporate retreat and team building in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the starting point for any corporate retreat in Iceland, and it’s rightfully so. The capital is globally known for its culture, history, and natural beauty. It’s a city of bold contrasts: it’s both cosmopolitan and small-town, vibrant and sophisticated, young at heart yet full of history.


The downtown of Reykjavik is the core of Iceland’s cultural and artistic scene. During the day, the coffee culture prevails, with the lively buzz of conversations. As the evening approaches, people start flocking to the city’s excellent restaurants, where local ingredients are served with delicious fresh lamb, seafood, or wild game.

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Iceland: Discovering the Volcanoes

With more than 200 craters, about 130 of which are active volcanoes, volcanic tourism proves to be essential in Iceland. By organizing your team retreat in Iceland, you will have the opportunity to plan excursions to fumaroles and lava flows. You can even visit the world’s most reliable geyser at Geysir. Hot springs are found throughout, providing hot spots on the country’s beaches. This also helps to heat the waters of the Blue Lagoon, an authentic outdoor pool surrounded by black lava. Beneath the island’s surface, the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates create a unique thermal ecosystem in the world that heats the country’s water. This volcanic richness offers unique landscapes that allow observing molten lava as well as multicolored mineral sands. Another major asset of Iceland is its ice expanse. This specifically refers to the glaciers that fall towards the coast, thus transforming icebergs into huge lagoons. During a corporate retreat in Iceland, do not miss the glacier tours, on a snowmobile, a horseback ride, or a hiking trip.

Iceland and Its Array of Activities

Nestled in the heart of the Atlantic, between Scandinavia and America, Iceland is especially known for its numerous natural wonders. Indeed, it stands out from other European countries with its diversified landscapes and extraordinary setting due to its proximity to the Arctic Circle. You will then have the chance to discover both unique, wild, and natural landscapes. Added to this are all sorts of activities that will immerse you in a novel experience. To assist you, we are able to concoct unforgettable group outings. It will be an opportunity to closely observe humpback whales or even the Minke whales, which are famous in the country. If you and your team are thrill-seekers? We suggest you discover a unique activity: ice karting. Alternatively, you can also enjoy your stay in Iceland to bathe in hot springs. Indeed, the country has more than 500 hot spring points. Some are located in the middle of a lava field, naturally heated to 40 °C.

Organizing Your Corporate Retreat in Iceland

To conclude, it is important to well organize your offsite in Iceland if you wish to achieve your goals. By calling upon our services, you will be sure to share unique moments in this Nordic region of the Atlantic. We will then offer you experiences and tailor-made services to meet all your expectations and make your trip unforgettable.

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