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Feeling the urge to organize a corporate retreat for your company, but unsure where? The city of London is the perfect destination. Choosing this city will allow you to spend quality time with your colleagues. London isn’t just one of the most tourist-attracting cities without reason. Cosmopolitan, vibrant, and beautiful, it’s a city full of history, with a multitude of places to discover.


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Famous Monuments Known Worldwide

One of the attractions in the city of London that you should participate in during your corporate trip to London is undoubtedly the Changing of the Royal Guard in front of the Queen’s palace. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 11 a.m., this spectacle lasting just over 40 minutes gathers a huge crowd to admire the famous guards dressed in red and wearing their unique headgear. More conveniently, simply visit Buckingham Palace, and you will learn all about the history of England as well as that of these famous Royal Guards. Once the Royal Palace and its guard have been visited, you can head to the famous Palace of Westminster. It’s one of the most visited spots in London, notably due to the very famous clock, the Clock Tower, and its very renowned bell: the famous Big Ben, the strongest symbol of the city of London, built in 1858 and part of the Houses of Parliament. After discovering Big Ben up close, you can take advantage of your offsite to visit Westminster Abbey, where the kings and queens of England are crowned. A city monument, the Tower Bridge is one of the major symbols of the city. These two immense towers built on either side of the Thames and connected by a drawbridge that opens to allow boats to pass. Thus, you can visit the towers and even cross the bridge on foot, for more adventure. To these wonderful monuments are added others, even more important, like the Tower of London standing on the north bank of the Thames, the London Eye, the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe which provides a very unique way of discovering the city of London in all its splendor.

A Vibrant and Attractive City for Everyone

Once these various monuments have been visited, you can take advantage of your team retreat in London to experience the famous London life, especially by going to the Soho districts, the stronghold of London nightlife. In these districts, you’ll find the most famous nightclubs, clubs, and bars in the city. These are the liveliest areas of the city. Piccadilly Circus is also part of this spirit; it is actually known to be London’s Time Square. That is, the crossroads of the city and the symbol of modern times in London. This place is noticeable for its huge dazzling screens. Covent Garden, Regent’s Park, Notting Hill and so on, you can be sure not to run out of places to visit and adventures to experience during your corporate trip to London. The different English culinary specialties are, of course, also there to satisfy the cravings of the most gourmet among us. Thus, you can, for example, taste an authentic Fish and Chips during your corporate event.

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London is therefore the perfect city for a well-filled and unique offsite. Just by traveling through the city in a Black Cab or in a Double Decker Bus, you will be sure to have authentic and unique moments during your team retreat. You’ve got it! Organizing your corporate event in the United Kingdom can only be beneficial for your company. To ensure that it is perfectly well executed, do not hesitate to seek tailored support by contacting us. At, our goal is to satisfy you in every way!

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