Visit the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai

<p>Heading to a <strong>corporate retreat in Dubai</strong> without visiting the <strong>Burj Khalifa</strong> to enjoy one of the <strong>tower's observatories</strong> is simply unthinkable... Opened in 2010, the tower stands at 828 meters above sea level! It is, in fact, the <strong>tallest skyscraper in the world</strong>. The figures for Dubai's Burj Khalifa are dizzying: 163 floors, 58 elevators, and over 300,000 square meters of area. <strong>The elevators of Burj Khalifa reach speeds of 10 meters per second</strong>! The tower houses numerous offices (thousands of square meters in total), 900 private apartments, and also more than 150 rooms (Armani Hotel). <strong>Rise above</strong> to enjoy an <strong>incredible view</strong> of Dubai from the observation decks during your visit to Burj Khalifa!</p> <!--nextpage--> <p>Discovering this emblem unfolds from various viewpoints. It begins at the foot of the tower, at the level of the pools. It continues on the 124th floor in the <strong>main observatory (at the Top), located at 456 meters high, with a 360</strong>° view from an indoor room. You can continue the tour to the 148th floor (at the Top Sky), which offers an <strong>even more impressive view</strong> in a calm and airy space. <strong>The Top Sky is the highest observation deck in the world</strong>. Finally, make your way to the 152nd, 153rd, and 154th floors to enjoy the <strong>world's highest Lounge</strong>. It is considered both an observation platform and a bar lounge. Prepare for a <strong>unique experience</strong> from start to finish during this tour of Burj Khalifa <strong>with your team!</strong></p>

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