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Istanbul is a historically rich region of Turkey, known for its bustling alleys, beautiful architecture, and skies filled with hot air balloons. Istanbul is home to a variety of world-renowned monuments. The Ottomans, Romans, and Byzantines have all left their mark on this country. During a guided tour or an animated treasure hunt, we’ll delve into the history of this ancient city by visiting its most iconic sites. Here’s an overview of the top monuments to discover during your team retreat in Istanbul: Dolmabahce Palace was once the palace of the sultans, and it’s often referred to as the Ottoman Versailles. It is extremely opulent, with a white marble exterior and gilded interior. It houses a vast collection of art and rare items such as an astonishing collection of Baccarat chandeliers. It’s one of the most impressive and amazing structures in Istanbul that you’ll visit alongside your colleagues during your cultural and discovery offsite.

The mosque is massive, with exquisite construction that is enhanced by tiles, patterns, and stained glass. Those who have visited mosques in their lifetime note that most of them are actually quite plain inside. The Blue Mosque, on the other hand, is unique in terms of grandeur, architecture, and interior decoration, making it one of the top monuments to discover in Istanbul! The Church of the Holy Savior in Chora is a superb example of a Byzantine church, with its 14th-century mosaics and paintings. Similar to the Hagia Sophia, it has been transformed into a mosque and, finally, into a museum. As you forge connections with colleagues, wander through the cobbled streets with its traditional Ottoman houses before admiring the view from the city walls dating back to the fifth century.

If we organize your corporate retreat in Istanbul, we won’t miss the residence of rulers from three continents. Topkapi Palace showcases the best of Middle Eastern architecture. This imposing medieval mansion is the most famous in Istanbul and a must-see. We will also have the opportunity to admire historical weapons used by the sultans, magnificent collections of porcelain, and various jewels and treasures from the past. The perfect place to take photos with your team and keep memories of your corporate event in Turkey. The Basilica Cistern is an equally unusual and fascinating place. It’s the largest of Istanbul’s hundreds of historical cisterns, with rows of ancient columns. The face of Medusa can be found on a handful of column bases! The Basilica Cistern, once a water filtration system for the palace and appearing in a number of films, is undoubtedly a top monument to discover.

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