The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar of Turkey, where tradition meets the incredible flavors and aroma of Turkish coffee, is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world… Where the people of Anatolia have wandered step by step during the Seljuk and Ottoman eras. The Grand Bazaar offers the highest quality Turkish products, including handmade items, the finest silk shawls and scarves embroidered with traditional patterns, antiques, and leather goods. It also boasts numerous shops where you can buy unique carpets and rugs. Not to mention the delights of Turkish cuisine that you will have the opportunity to taste during a food tour with your colleagues.

We can also organize an unusual team building event where you and your colleagues will demonstrate your bargaining skills by purchasing a list of items with a limited budget. We prefer to warn you, haggling is a tradition in Turkey and the merchants of the Grand Bazaar are very tough negotiators. In any case, this activity will be an excellent negotiation exercise for everyone. Exploring the Grand Bazaar is a unique experience that should not be rushed. The Grand Bazaar is so vast and extensive that it is filled with shops unlike anywhere else in the world.

It offers a vast assortment of items spread over 60 streets and about 5,000 shops. During your corporate retreat in Turkey, you will regret the time you did not spend discovering a variety of items that could have piqued your and your team’s interest. The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is a fantastic representation of the blend of Turkish cultures, commercial energy, and stunning antique and traditional products in an atmosphere that will transport you to a distant past.

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