Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

Visit Cappadocia and attend the most beautiful show in Turkey. As a team for your corporate retreat, rise above the troglodyte villages. Whether you are 10, 50, 100, or 300, it will be possible to organize a hot air balloon flight for your corporate retreat in Turkey. The basket of each hot air balloon can accommodate up to 32 people. Once all the pre-flight organization is completed, you are transferred by minibus or 4x4 to the balloon launching site, where you will see the balloon inflate at the first light of dawn.

Then, everyone gets into the basket, ready for takeoff. Passengers with mobility issues or less dexterity will be assisted by the ground crew. It is precisely in Göreme National Park that most hot air balloon flights take place. An incredible team building moment. Fulfill your dreams as a photographer, which allows a bird’s eye view through these networks of valleys, which were created by volcanic activity and shaped in their current form by wind and rain.

You will sometimes fly over plateaus filled with orchards and in the valleys themselves. Here, if the wind permits, the balloons can fly over the tops of Cappadocia’s “fairy chimney” rock formations to see these geological oddities, sculpted from millennia of wind and water action, right above. The fully inflated balloon then takes off, and you are gone. The lift-off of hot air balloons at sunrise. It’s a spectacle that is just INCREDIBLE!

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