Explore Turkish street food

With our culinary tour in Istanbul, we’ll take you on a unique adventure through some of our favorite alleys. As you walk through the city’s gourmet neighborhoods, you’ll taste samples in the most notable specialty food shops and local restaurants. Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable local guide will take you on an off-the-beaten-path view of Istanbul life: the city’s colorful history, its living ancestral culture, and the amazing architecture that has made it famous worldwide. Discover these different specialties:

  • Simit, the Turkish bagel.
  • Balik-Ekmek, the grilled fish sandwich
  • Kokoreç, the offal sandwich.
  • Döner Kebab, Turkey’s most famous sandwich.
  • Dürüm, the Turkish wrap.
  • Lahmacun, Turkish-style pizza.
  • Köfte, the meatballs.

For our culinary tour, we will start with lahmacun, which is a light and crunchy snack. Then, we will have the opportunity to eat some of Istanbul’s best döner. Afterward, we’ll enjoy a cup of famous Turkish coffee before indulging in a selection of sheep’s milk cheese with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. We’ll then take a break to have a glass of wine in a beautiful and historic setting. We will also taste manti and pide while learning about their making process. Finally, as with all our food tours, there is a wonderful secret dish to discover. During your team retreat, we’ll wander through the lively streets of this ancient city. The most popular drinks will be served, along with the tastiest street food, and authentic Anatolian specialties will be offered. As you walk with us through charming neighborhoods, you’ll quickly realize that Istanbul’s food is the very essence of the city, and we will ensure your stomach, heart, and mind are filled. At the end of your street food tour, you will have tasted some of Istanbul’s most delicious dishes and gained a better understanding of Turkish culture and history.

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