Golden Horn Dragon Boat in Istanbul

Prepare for an amazing oriental team building event that dates back thousands of years, to the ancient rituals of competing villages and the famous dragon boats! The Dragon Boat Golden Horn in Istanbul begins with a warm-up and a relaxation activity, followed by on-land training. After the briefing and a few safety checks, it’s time to get into the boats for water training! After 2 or 3 training courses to improve team coordination, synchronization, and paddle technique, the teams compete in a timed race of 200 to 500 meters. The Golden Horn Dragon Boat team building workshop in Istanbul ends with special rewards for all participants, as well as a grand trophy for the winning team! Lots of laughter and great photos during this entertaining activity that your whole team will remember after your corporate retreat in Turkey! This is undoubtedly a fun team building event that requires physical effort, but where teamwork and synchronization are more important than strength. A perfectly synchronized team will almost always beat a stronger but less coordinated team! The Golden Horn Dragon Boat in Istanbul has the unique ability to bridge communication gaps by fostering strong and supportive relationships in which everyone, from the CEO to even the youngest staff members, is literally “in the same boat”, working together, side by side, striving to achieve the best! Our Golden Horn Dragon Boat in Istanbul is a half-day action-packed program, perfect for those with a tight schedule or those looking to add a bit of activity and adventure to their corporate retreat in Turkey.

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