The most beautiful natural sites to discover

For centuries, this lively port city, known as Halicarnassus, was founded by the Greeks in ancient times. A set of coves, inlets, and caves on the Bodrum peninsula is home to beautiful beaches, attractive villages, resorts, and marinas. To inspire you, here are some natural sites around Bodrum that you must visit during your offsite in Turkey:

Sleep Valley is an off-the-beaten-path destination. It’s famous for its spectacular nature, trekking and hiking opportunities, the Gokceler Cave, and its delicious salmon dishes. A small slice of paradise, away from stress, offering tranquility and serenity to your entire team during your team retreat. Incirliin Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Turkey. It boasts stunning columns and stone basins. Many ancient ceramic antiquities have been found there, dating back to ancient times. One of Bodrum’s unusual natural sites that you must visit with your coworkers.

Zeytinli Kuyu Beach is located in the town of Kiyikislacik, 30 km from Bodrum. Zeytinli Kuyu Beach has recently gained worldwide fame and has become a tourist attraction for various sports and water activities. During your offsite in Bodrum, you will enjoy its cool breeze and the natural sites surrounding it. With a direct view of the coast, the village of Kazikli is one of Turkey’s hidden paradises. Its picturesque nature and breathtaking landscape catch the eye and take worries away, combining the blue of the coast with the green of the forests. Enjoy all sorts of activities with your colleagues such as diving or windsurfing, or simply swim and relax in the sun.

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