Corporate retreat and team building in Bodrum

Bodrum, globally acclaimed for its scenic coastline and seaside atmosphere, is a gem that should be at the top of the list of destinations to discover in Turkey.


Nestled on the edge of the Aegean Sea, this region offers invaluable nature, while its mountainous landscapes add a touch of unique diversity.


Bodrum is the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure, allowing you to explore spectacular beaches while discovering a rich and constantly evolving culture.


It’s an experience that will impress and leave unforgettable memories.

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Bodrum: A Must-Visit City for a Corporate Retreat in Turkey

Bodrum is located in southwestern Turkey, in the province of Mugla. It is especially known for its beaches and some of its paradise-like landscapes. It was founded in ancient times by the Greeks of Halicarnassus, and since then, its port is lined by the Gulf of Kos. Bodrum has been a tourist city since the 1960s and now has nearly 88,000 inhabitants. Homer described this city as the “country of the Eternal Blue” for the azure of the Aegean Sea in which it bathes. Today, Bodrum is a highly frequented resort, especially by the bourgeoisie of Istanbul. Its port is also a stop for many cruises, contributing to the city’s lively atmosphere and marina. During the summer periods, the population of the agglomeration is multiplied by six or seven, sometimes exceeding half a million inhabitants. For the party-goers, the atmosphere is lively! There are several renowned nightclubs in the region, including: Halikamas and Catamaran. Bodrum is described as the Turkish Saint-Tropez or the new Ibiza for all these reasons. It is also possible to relax on the beach while enjoying a drink or a hookah. The beaches also come alive at night!

Activities to Enhance Your Corporate Retreat in Bodrum

The animations and other activities are also plentiful. The Grand Bazaar near the Bodrum bus station, for example, offers high-quality textile products and souvenir boxes. You can also head to the shopping center on the Gumbet road for more options. Other activities are on the agenda as well! You will have the opportunity to participate in challenges and/or cooking classes to prepare and taste Turkish specialties such as kebabs, mezes, or skewers, all accompanied by a good glass of raki. Some chefs will even offer you a guided tour before the challenge. A tour of the city will also allow you to discover the Bodrum Underwater Archaeological Museum. We also recommend visiting the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the city’s must-see attractions.

Organizing a Major Corporate Retreat in Bodrum

If you wish to organize a corporate retreat in Turkey, take the opportunity to explore the Bodrum peninsula. To assist you in organizing your trip, do not hesitate to entrust your project to our agency. We will be delighted to tailor a program for you, taking into account your budget and your team’s needs.

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