Visit of the Viking Museum à Stockholm

We offer you a visit to the Viking museum in Stockholm. Sweden was once the land of the Vikings. Hence, the Viking history is an integral part of the country’s history. It’s a must-see that you should not miss during your corporate retreat. During this visit to the Viking museum in Stockholm, you will be immersed in the world of Vikings through films, sets, projections, sound effects, and archaeological artifacts. You’ll discover the Viking raids, voyages, and mastery in shipbuilding, as well as daily life on the farm. Norse mythology is omnipresent, and here myth meets reality. We offer you the services of a museum guide. They will be able to tell you the legends and anecdotes about the Viking era and also answer all your questions. You will become true experts of the Viking era; it will have no more secrets for you and your colleagues!

There’s also Ragnfrid’s saga adventure ride that will take you on a captivating journey to the Viking era. You will follow Harald and his crew on a dramatic quest for money. A completely immersive adventure, well worth the detour. This visit to the Viking Museum in Stockholm is the perfect time to learn more about the country’s history with your colleagues during your team retreat. Leave with your head full of legends and anecdotes about this era. This break in time is a real moment of discovery, fun, and relaxation… An astonishing experience. Let yourself be surprised by this visit to the Viking Museum in Stockholm!

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