Treasure hunt in the city à Stockholm

Looking for a fun way to explore Stockholm with your team during your corporate retreat? We offer a citywide treasure hunt in Stockholm! An ideal team building to strengthen your team’s bonds. Rest assured, it’s the best way to discover this charming city. The entire downtown area of Stockholm becomes your playground. This team building is done in teams. Each team will receive a tablet. You will have the itinerary to follow on it, and with each successfully completed challenge, a clue will be transferred to it to help you move on to the next stage. It will be your support throughout the activity. Also, take the opportunity to take photos of the monuments, your colleagues… They will be handed to you at the end of the team building. Several challenges await you on the road to recover your key clues to find the treasure.

Such as solving riddles, logic challenges, agility, cohesion, but also a photo challenge, …etc. A fun way to entertain yourself in a playful manner! You might even discover a detective’s soul within you. You will find our facilitators at each meeting point to assist you and transfer the clues onto the tablet. Thus, every stage of this treasure hunt in the city of Stockholm will lead you to the final treasure. Rise to the challenges without fail and win the treasure of Stockholm! During the treasure hunt in the city of Stockholm, you will share an unforgettable moment with your teammates. This team building is also an opportunity to create a strong bond between team members, as well as to enhance communication and build trust amongst everyone. This treasure hunt in the city of Stockholm will allow you to uncover all its mysteries during your corporate trip! So, are you in?

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