Hot air balloon flight à Stockholm

“Caress the clouds and breathe in a new wind by embarking on a hot air balloon flight in Stockholm. We invite you to discover the magnificent panorama of Stockholm from the sky! Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is brimming with little treasures. What’s better than exploring them from above! A hot air balloon flight in Stockholm is a unique and extraordinary experience. This activity offers you a bird’s eye view of this superb city. During this hot air balloon flight in Stockholm, we will participate in its preparation, which also allows us to learn a bit more about how this strange balloon operates. Once the hot air balloon’s preparation is complete, it is finally ready to soar over Stockholm. During this wonderful journey, we will discover its astonishing archipelago of 30,000 islands.”

“You will be able to admire breathtaking landscapes, worthy of a postcard! Don’t forget your camera, as it would be a shame not to immortalize this magical moment. This activity lasts a total of three hours, and you will be accompanied by a person in the hot air balloon with you, to first and foremost ensure your safety, but also to guide you during this journey and advise you on what you are seeing. The hot air balloon flight in Stockholm is suitable for everyone, even the most fearful. There’s no need to be afraid, it’s a very calm activity that takes place in complete safety. Your entire team can thus participate in this incredible adventure. This sky-high trip is a real moment of relaxation, calm, and sharing with your colleagues. You will be amazed by the beauty of this surprising archipelago! Ready to experience an unforgettable adventure in an original device, the hot air balloon and Stockholm are waiting for you!”

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