The Flamenco Tablao in Seville

You may already know that flamenco is an integral part of the Andalusian culture! During your corporate retreat in Seville, you’ll be surprised to hear flamenco throughout the city, in bars and sometimes even on street corners. Flamenco, for those unfamiliar, is this popular a cappella singing from the region of Seville and Cadiz, appearing in the 18th century, with mysterious origins debated between Arab and gypsy influences… But one thing is for sure, today flamenco is a quintessential Sevillian heritage. It’s a local pride that has long been maintained, perpetuated, and passed down from generation to generation.

We invite you to discover the best Flamenco Tablao in Seville, offering an impressive and unique performance. A must-do during your corporate retreat in the Andalusian capital, as much as visiting the famous Giralda or the magnificent Alcazar Palace of Seville.

El Patio Sevillano

One of the oldest and most well-known Flamenco Tablao in Seville. This venue has been offering numerous flamenco concerts and shows for over 70 years! Experience authentic flamenco shows and marvel at the famous Sevillian dance, typical of the city, performed at the end of the shows by the artists returning to the stage to greet the audience.

La Casa de la Guitarra

Experience the flamenco shows produced at La Casa de la Guitarra, located within a cultural center in the heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Get introduced to flamenco culture by attending various performances offered every evening, along with a historical context for each artistic piece.

La Carbonería

One of the most lively Flamenco Tablao in Seville! A friendly bar where unique flamenco shows and concerts are performed. Going for a drink at this bar with your colleagues is definitely a good idea during your team retreat in Seville. Once settled in, enjoy the festive atmosphere and the flamenco shows presented every night.

La Casa del Flamenco

Located a few steps from the Alcazar of Seville and the cathedral. This famous Flamenco Tablao in Seville offers a magical performance in the large courtyard of a 15th-century building. Experience an unforgettable moment in this magnificent palace, surrounded by imposing marble columns, arches, and ceilings, which create an unusual acoustics and a unique charm.

El Museo del Baile Flamenco

And to learn more about the Flamenco Tablao in Seville, we head to the flamenco museum. Learn more about the origins of this Andalusian art and explore exhibitions that trace all the historical aspects of flamenco. And to conclude your visit, attend the shows organized every evening.

El Tablao Flamenco El Arenal

One of the best Flamenco Tablao in Seville, offering a traditional flamenco performance in the heart of the city’s historical district. A genuine flamenco show, considered one of the best in the world. It was founded 40 years ago by Curro Vélez, this famous flamenco dancer, and it’s one of the most significant pillars of flamenco in Seville. This traditional bar offers the chance to enjoy delicious tapas or share a typical dinner with your colleagues during your corporate trip to Seville while enjoying an unprecedented flamenco performance!

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