Seville's culinary specialties: The best dishes to taste

What could be better than discovering the culture of a country through its gastronomy! Immerse yourself in Sevillian culture and history by exploring the various flavors and aromas of traditional cuisine. Here are the typical dishes and culinary specialties of Seville to try during your corporate retreat in the Andalusian capital!

The Andalusian Cocido

A very famous meat stew among Sevillians, which is especially enjoyed in winter. It is prepared with several types of meat and served with turnips, cabbage, carrots, chickpeas, and potatoes according to individual preferences.

Huevas Alinas

Another culinary specialty of Seville, this traditional and historical dish is served either as tapas or as a main course. It’s based on hake roe served on a bed of sliced tomatoes and onions, seasoned. A very refreshing tapas during the summer heat.


One of the most well-known culinary specialties of Seville! Oxtail here is breaded in flour and fried in oil. Accompanied by carrots, onions, and leeks, it’s a greatly appreciated specialty in Seville.

The Andalusian Puchero

A delicious soup historically considered a dish for the poor, is today a culinary specialty of Seville. Originally, this soup was made from leftovers gathered to make a hearty dish. Currently, it has been improved: It’s a stew made with chickpeas, chicken, veal, or pork according to tastes and dietary preferences. A variant has even been created and is composed of chorizo, pork, and spiced up with white wine, all accompanied by potatoes and red peppers, seasoned with olive oil and bay leaves.


We move on to Seville’s sweet culinary specialties! Torrijas are an Arab heritage left in Andalusia, a type of French toast soaked in honey. This treat is enjoyed during Holy Week but is also prepared all year round for the pleasure of both adults and little gourmands!


A type of cream made from milk and flour, flavored with cinnamon. A true culinary specialty inspired by Catalan cream usually served with croutons and perhaps some chopped fruits. The specialties mentioned above are just a few examples of culinary specialties in Seville. We invite you to come and try them during your corporate retreat in Seville and perhaps discover other specialties to delight your taste buds and those of your colleagues!

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