Air, Ancient Arab bath in the heart of Seville

An exceptional discovery in the heart of Seville and more precisely in the Santa Cruz district: Discover one of the oldest Arab baths of ancient Hispalis, Aire Ancient Baths Seville! Be amazed by this magnificent oasis restored in the 16th century and step into the heart of this paradise of the senses that was built on an ancient Arab Hammam where Roman remains have been restored. A sublime palace that will surprise you during your corporate retreat in Seville with its architecture reflecting the diverse Muslim and Roman cultures that have left their mark on the city: Impressive ceilings, Roman vaults and stalls, a patio, interlacing patterns, and many other architectural wonders

A treasure and a precious heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation through a ritual around the health benefits of water! Aire, Ancient Arab bath in Seville is a true invitation to relaxation and total disconnection in an enchanting setting. Discover the ritual of these baths that begins with a moment of relaxation; a decompression chamber before you start your experience: Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place and relax while sipping tea on warm marble slabs with the sound of water murmuring and the dim light of candles in the background!

When you feel ready, access the bath zones which consist of 3 distinct parts with different temperatures. Moving from one pool to another provides a unique and relaxing sensation: A true delight for your body! Then, at Aire, Ancient Arab bath in Seville, experience something unique by moving to the most impressive and original room: The Flotarium! This room is a true Roman saltwater bath where you will feel a total sense of freedom floating on the water’s surface without any effort, a magical moment for your body and spirit and an unusual experience to have during your offsite in Seville.

Feeling like getting some fresh air? Head to the rooftop of Aire, ancient Arab bath in Seville, to enjoy one of the best sunsets over the city with a magnificent view of the Giralda and a multitude of terraces on the rooftops of Seville houses. A true postcard landscape where you’ll have the chance to capture this magical moment among colleagues and create a shared experience that will remain pristine forever in everyone’s memory!

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