Visit of the Cathedral and Alcazar Palace in Seville

If there’s one cultural activity you should do during your corporate retreat, it’s definitely visiting the Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace in Seville! Our activity is perfect for discovering the city at your own pace. Depending on your group’s size, one or more tour guides will unveil the history of Seville and will be delighted to share with you the historical anecdotes that only locals know and still talk about! The secrets that true historical connoisseurs keep! You cannot miss these symbols that characterize the very essence of Seville such as the cathedral: This monument, initially Islamic, was a mosque during the Almohad era before being converted into a powerful and imposing cathedral. With its unique character, it now towers over the city. Its impressive central nave rises to 42 meters and even the side chapels seem quite large.

The Giralda, the mosque’s former minaret, is now used as the cathedral’s bell tower. At a height of 100 meters, it dominates the city and offers a stunning view of the Andalusian capital. If this sight is beyond what one can imagine, many steps await you before you can enjoy the panorama but one thing is certain: if there is comfort after effort; it awaits you up there on the Giralda. The cathedral is one of the three largest churches in Europe after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. In addition to its marvelous architecture, this monument houses an incredible cultural heritage, including the tomb of Christopher Columbus. We will then head to the Alcazar! This royal palace in Seville is one of the most impressive monuments in Seville, which you should not miss during your visit to the city. It is a fortified palace whose construction was ordered by Abderrahmane III in the year 913. Because of its beauty, it was chosen as a residence by several monarchs in the centuries that followed. It is now the residence of His Royal Majesty Juan Carlos when he visits Seville. The gardens, where a curious mix of different gardening styles (Arabic, French, and Renaissance) can be admired, and should not be missed. Visiting the Cathedral and the Alcazar Palace means discovering all the splendor of the Andalusian heritage and Moorish civilization during your corporate trip to Spain.

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