Excursion in Doñana National Park in Seville

We offer an ideal activity for nature lovers: Embark on an excursion in the Doñana Park in Seville during your eco-responsible team retreat. This most important ecosystem in Spain and even in Europe is a must-see. Endangered animal species find refuge here such as the Iberian lynx and also the impressive Imperial Eagle. Our excursion in the Doñana National Park in Seville starts in the town of Puebla Del Rio, where we’ll have the opportunity to admire the magnificent ecosystem of Doñana’s wet area: A unique and unusual experience meeting some bird species in their natural habitat such as the largest colonies of white storks in Europe! Discover the Marshes which host more than 300 species of birds, and where Spain’s most significant rice field is located.

A stunning setting and breathtaking beauty that will surely amaze your colleagues during this excursion in the Doñana National Park in Seville! We then head towards the village of Aldea Del Rocío and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Rocío, famous for the annual pilgrimage that is organized there and which gathers more than a million devotees. This gathering is one of the most impressive religious events in the world. A journey back in time with a setting and atmosphere typical of Spain from the last century, with its horses and sandy alleys walked by the locals on foot! Our excursion will then lead us to the palace of Acebrón and then towards the gallery forest where we can organize a small trekking to discover the endemic animal and plant species of this region. After these beautiful discoveries, we head towards the coast of Doñana with its 30 km of pristine beach that dreams are made of. Admire the sand dunes with the local flora and fauna still preserved and take this magical moment to breathe a very refreshing breath of fresh air. Our ecological activity is coming to an end, admire the magnificent sunset that is presented to you on the way back, and if luck is on our side we might spot the famous Iberian lynx, this emblematic animal of the Doñana region!

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