The must-sees of Majorca

Mallorca is that sunny destination which increasingly attracts visitors seeking authenticity and exoticism. This island, part of the Balearic archipelago, will surely charm you with its crystalline water coves, picturesque villages, and restaurants where you can taste delicious fish with certainly breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Considering a corporate retreat in Mallorca will allow you to introduce this destination to your colleagues and will certainly create an unusual, warm, and unifying experience. Here are some must-see attractions during your corporate trip to Mallorca.

Serra de Tramuntana

This impressive mountain range is a must-see in Mallorca! Discover this secluded region of the island, where you can engage in numerous activities, whether it’s a road trip or a hike that offers splendid panoramic views of the sea and surrounding mountains. An original getaway can also be organized in a Finca where you can taste locally produced cheese and savor a good Spanish wine. Many villages are part of the scenery, like the typical village of Fornalutx or Port Soller.

Arche d’Es Pontàs

It’s a marvel of nature over time. This arch is a true treasure for climbing enthusiasts, known as “psicobloc”, considered the most difficult in the world, with its cliffs by the sea, the water remains the only safety means for these lovers of extreme sensations.

Parc de Mondragó

Admire the magnificent local fauna and flora. A beautiful setting with rustic charm awaits you, gaze at the birds and landscapes as far as the eye can see, and refresh yourself in the water of one of the beaches of the Mondragó Natural Park, such as Cala Mondrago.

La Seu

A true symbol of the island and a must-see in Palma de Mallorca, the Santa Maria Cathedral or the cathedral of light, is this Gothic building with colorful patterns shining through its stained glass. The Gothic architecture of this cathedral is impressive with its large rose window that captures the hearts of Gothic style lovers.

Grottes du Drach

Discover unusual caves where you will find a magnificent spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites that nature has carved into the heart of this cave. Also, discover an unusual classical music concert during your boat ride on one of the largest underground lakes in the world.


This authentic village, nestled in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, is a true paradise for lovers of tranquility and simplicity. A secret beach is located 15 minutes from the village where you can take a dip, refresh yourself, and perhaps drink a good cerveza in the shaded bar located there.

Cap de Formentor

An idyllic setting where the beauty of the mountainous landscapes blends with the Mediterranean Sea, creating breathtaking coastal scenery. Venture on the narrow road leading to the top of the cliff at Faro de Formentor where the view is breathtaking.

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