Catamaran Escape à Palma de Mallorca

Embark on your private yacht and set off for a Catamaran Getaway in Mallorca on the calm waters of this paradise island. A 100% relaxation and enjoyment activity during your team retreat in Mallorca, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a laid-back and fun moment among colleagues. Ideal for unwinding and strengthening bonds between your teammates. A suspended moment in time that encompasses sea, sun, relaxation, good vibes, and music. The Catamaran Getaway in Mallorca is also an excellent way to discover the island of Mallorca from the sea: Admire the seaside cliffs and the unique natural landscapes of the island.

Sail around the largest island of the Balearic Archipelago: Mallorca! The city boasts numerous marinas from where your Catamaran Getaway in Mallorca will begin. You will have the unique opportunity to sail on a beautiful boat nearly 12 meters long along the Bay of Palma. All the necessary comforts will be provided to your teammates for a pleasant time during your team retreat in Mallorca. Enjoy the trampolines at the front of the boat for sunbathing and admiring the landscapes unfolding before you.

On the agenda, music, lunch and drinks with a wild atmosphere to make a lasting impression. During your excursion, your skipper will make stops to dive into the Mediterranean Sea and cool off! A diving contest will be organized to liven things up. We will also take the opportunity during our excursion to introduce you to the old small fishing villages that have retained their authenticity and that are the real charms of Mallorca: This island with breathtaking landscapes and panoramas may differ from one another but together they form a coherent and unusual image of the island.

Discover the two aspects of the island: The touristy and heavily visited side and the untamed side that’s still preserved because it’s very inaccessible. We also have the opportunity to organize other water activities during your Catamaran Getaway in Mallorca like jet skiing or parasailing. So, get your swimsuits, towels, sunglasses, and hats ready, and don’t forget your sunscreen as you embark with us on your yacht for an unusual Catamaran Getaway in Mallorca!

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