Beach games à Palma de Mallorca

We offer you a challenging and fun activity under the Majorca sun: A Beach Game on Majorca’s beach! Divided into teams, the participants of the beach Beach games will play against each other, enhancing their self-confidence and trust in their colleagues while enjoying the sensation of sand beneath their feet. The Beach games in Majorca promote tactical thinking skills as it’s a fantastic team-building activity. After putting on their swimsuits or favorite sports outfits (as they prefer), participants will be welcomed on the beach and divided into small groups. The teams will face various challenges and activities, which must be solved using a variety of skills. Some parts of the Beach Games in Majorca will be familiar to some guests, for example, tug of war or Frisbee bowling. SUP golf or the potato sack race might be new and original activities to introduce to your coworkers during your team building in Majorca.

The Beach Games in Majorca can require strength, thought, action, or skill, it’s up to the group to decide which member of the team according to their strengths and weaknesses is most likely to lead the team to victory. Every challenge has its own characteristics: Each team member will have their role in the success of the challenges. Not to forget that objectives must be solved as a team to complete the overall goal of the Beach Games in Majorca; to build a stronger team spirit and win as a team. During the Beach Games in Majorca, refreshments and snacks will be available for participants, along with a professional team that will lead the teams throughout the team building.

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