What do we eat in Marbella?

We cannot talk about the fine cuisine of the Costa Del Sol without mentioning its jewel, Marbella! If you decide to organize your corporate retreat in Marbella, you will certainly be charmed by one of the most well-known customs in Andalusia: The tapas! But that’s not all! An offsite in this delightful city is undoubtedly a unique and gourmet experience. Indeed, the Costa Del Sol, and particularly its capital, is home to numerous restaurants where you can enjoy the culinary specialties of Marbella, all delicious!


Enjoy these delicious anchovy tapas! They are one of the most popular culinary specialties in Marbella. Anchovies are an integral part of the tapas culture in Andalusia.

They are offered fresh marinated in olive oil, vinegar, and garlic, or fried in a salty batter. Delight in a nice cold caña (beer) served with these boquerónes (anchovies) in a chiringuito under the Marbella sun with your feet in the water.

Gazpachuelo Marbellero

This regional dish is a soup made with beaten egg yolk and olive oil. It is served with either potatoes or rice according to individual taste and flavored with lemon juice or vinegar. This dish can also be served with cooked clams or mussels, or other seafood. A delight that you must absolutely try…

Spanish Skate

Locals love this dish made with steamed potatoes accompanied by this fish known in the local Mediterranean waters: Skate. This duo is garnished with almonds from trees typical to the region and prepared in a clay dish. Seasoning is done with bay leaves, garlic, and saffron. This dish is enjoyed with bread and often accompanied by local white wine. A simple but very tasty recipe that highlights local products! This traditional dish is without a doubt one of the oldest culinary specialties of Marbella, a delight that will transport you in just one bite!

Sardine Skewers

The seas of Marbella are known for its succulent meaty sardines, and locals love to enjoy them skewered and cooked over fire in the sand. It will be impossible to walk on the beach without the smell of grilled sardines making your mouth water. A true smoked delight that allows you to savor this fish and appreciate its taste and benefits. The Sardine Skewers are without a doubt the star of the Costa Del Sol.

Wine Roscos

These small baked cakes shaped like a donut ring, are a typical sweet consumed at Christmas throughout Spain, but it’s said that the most authentic ones come from Marbella.

The Wine Roscos (“wine biscuits”) are so good that you can easily find them all year round in local bakeries. These treats are delicious because they combine strong flavors such as wine, anise, and milder flavors and spices such as sesame or matalahúva! A pastry to enjoy without moderation during your corporate trip to Marbella, as it’s one of the most indulgent Spanish culinary specialties! The local gastronomy will have no more secrets for you! With your team, discover the culinary specialties of Marbella during your team retreat!

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