Beach volleyball tournament à Marbella

The beach volleyball tournament at Marbella Beach is an ideal activity for your corporate retreat in Southern Spain! It’s a perfect team-building activity that combines sport, beach, fun, sun, and team spirit! A must-do for bringing your teams together and motivating them. Besides enjoying the sun, one thing we all love to do when going to the sea with friends is definitely playing a beach volleyball tournament! However, it’s often challenging because when you go there in summer, it’s usually impossible to play without risking hitting a passerby or a vacationer sleeping on their nearby beach towel. But we’ve found the solution to make you enjoy… It’s simple, we privatize part of the beach for a full or half-day to organize a real beach volleyball tournament among colleagues during your corporate trip to Marbella.

Meet at the beach of your hotel, dressed in sportswear or a swimsuit, and you’re set for the Marbella beach volleyball tournament. The schedule includes a real volleyball competition! Here, we take the instructors’ guidelines seriously and follow the rules to score as many points as possible for your team. This activity is accessible to everyone and doesn’t require any prior technical skills. The main goals of this team building are pleasure, enthusiasm, and most importantly, a lot of fun! Divided into teams, participants will need to leverage their communication, leadership, and especially teamwork skills to score the most points against the opposing teams. Strategy and respecting each team member’s role are key elements for success in this challenge. This team building is a real bonding activity and creates strong relationships among your coworkers! We can also organize this activity just for fun during your free time after a productive workday or to reward your teams during your corporate trip.

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