Tapas tasting rally à Madrid

If you combine exploring Spanish culture, culinary stories and traditions, all accompanied by delicious local dishes and drinks during the same team building activity, you’ll experience the Madrid tapas tasting rally! A unique and appetizing activity discovering Madrid’s culinary specialties! Armed with a road book, participants will move from one taberna to another to taste Serrano ham, a serving of Albondigas (meatballs), or even a pescaito frito (fried fish), all of course accompanied by a good Rioja wine, Ribero, or a Montilla Moriles…A fun and delicious activity! The art of tapeo is a historical tradition in Spain, where you go from bar to bar tasting small local bites with your fingers. We have selected for you the best tapas restaurants that will delight your taste buds during your Madrid tapas tasting rally. We are convinced that discovering the culture of a country necessarily involves exploring its culinary traditions, local specialties and drinks… That’s why we offer you this tapas tasting rally, a must-do during your team retreat in Madrid! This culinary experience indeed creates a real moment of sharing with your colleagues and awakens all their gastronomic senses. Discover the origins of tapas: The word “tapas,” meaning a “small cover,” originates from the custom of covering a glass of wine with ham or cheese to protect it. Learn the components of each tapa: from the traditional Spanish tapas to the more recent ones with the new generation of chefs seeking to innovate while retaining the very essence of tapas. Whether land or sea products, tapas will surely delight the most gourmet of your colleagues! Head to the Spanish capital for your corporate trip and embark on this tantalizing team building tapas tasting.

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