Cooking challenge centered around Paella à Madrid

This activity is ideal for discovering Spanish cuisine and particularly the Paella! We offer you a cooking challenge centered around Paella in Madrid led by Spanish chefs who will be delighted to share with you the secrets of making the famous Spanish paella. A true moment of conviviality and sharing during your corporate retreat in Madrid! Teamwork and culinary skills will be the keys to success for this tasty and enjoyable gastronomic activity. Discover the secrets of Spanish cuisine, with a hint of friendly competition adding some spice to the occasion! The challenge starts with the opportunity for each team to buy the best ingredients from the various markets, stalls, and shops in Madrid. This will allow teams to familiarize themselves and purchase quality Spanish ingredients to begin their culinary challenge.

The cooking challenge centered around Paella in Madrid will then continue in the kitchen, where the teams will be received in a private kitchen. Each team will then be provided with ingredients and a timeframe to complete the famous paella recipe. Instructions on how to produce the paella will be given in French, however, the chefs can make the event a bit more challenging and exciting by delivering the instructions in Spanish. What do you think? Moreover, each group will have the opportunity to have their dishes critiqued and judged by our expert chefs based on a specific set of predetermined criteria. These will include presentation, group organization, and taste, requiring solid teamwork and communication skills from each team. Once the cooking challenge around Paella is completed, the groups will have the chance to relax and enjoy the dishes they have prepared with a nice glass of wine, all in a laid-back and pleasant atmosphere.

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