What do we eat in Ibiza?

Ibiza is a Balearic island, part of the Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is especially famous for its nightlife, but not just that! This paradise island offers a delicious, succulent, and original gastronomy. It’s worth noting that Ibiza’s cuisine is primarily made of recipes based on seafood, logical, isn’t it? You will find ingredients such as cheese, charcuterie, honey, herbal liqueur, as well as seafood and fish. It’s a cuisine that offers rich and varied dishes from starters to desserts.

Some examples of what you can find on this charming island: Borrida de Rajada, a traditional dish made with skate, potatoes, eggs, parsley, garlic, fried bread, almonds, saffron, and olive oil, delicious! Langosta ibicenca, a dish with lobster cooked in a broth with squid and herbal liqueur. A succulent dish! Orelletes, a dessert made with eggs, flour, anise liqueur, sugar, and olive oil. Very indulgent! These are just three Ibiza culinary specialties among many others that are equally delectable.

When discussing Ibiza’s gastronomy, we must mention tapas. You can’t go without ordering them! These are types of appetizers that are taken with the aperitif, it’s a convivial and delicious dish, perfect for sharing with your colleagues. Ibiza also offers a good selection of drinks, such as, the essential chupito! It’s the name of the little glass of liqueur, often offered by the house after dinner, as well as numerous liqueurs and very good wines. There’s something for everyone!

To discover these Ibiza specialties, several things can be organized during your team retreat, tastings in restaurants, lunches or dinners in the best restaurants on the island or even tasting tours through the city. Seminaire.com knows numerous spots to taste Ibiza’s specialties. We suggest contacting the agency, we will recommend perfect places and activities for your team. We know many addresses where you can enjoy typical dishes while enjoying the postcard-worthy scenery offered by the coast. Ibiza’s culinary specialties have great surprises in store for your taste buds!

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