Cova Santa, the club to party!

Ibiza is an island known for its nightclubs and wild parties. We know a perfect place, near Eivissa, to party the Ibiza way. The Cova Santa club in Ibiza! It only opens in summer. During this period, the Cova Santa club in Ibiza frequently hosts outdoor wild parties in a tropical setting. It’s an immense club that can accommodate nearly 3000 clubbers. Cova Santa hosts the WooMoon and the Musics On after, two events that combine art, culture, and music, offering exclusive shows. These two festivals attract numerous international DJs and artists like Nicola Cruz and Peter Power.

During these parties, you can dance to rhythms and music of all kinds, electro, trance, funk, hip-hop… Be prepared to dance all night long! The parties are animated by international DJs, who play their best sets in a festive atmosphere. More than a club, it’s also a restaurant offering quality, international, and typically Spanish cuisine. The restaurant also features flamenco shows. There’s also an amazing cave of stalactites and stalagmites that can be visited, discovered in the 15th century. Fun fact, it was one of the hippies’ favorite spots back in the day.

You will truly be immersed in a party universe thanks to the colors, decor, and entertainment that the club offers. It’s a complete immersion into the world of Ibiza’s parties. A moment of escape with your colleagues that you will not soon forget! This club is waiting just for you and your best dance moves, let yourself be carried away by the music! If you want to offer an unforgettable evening in this renowned club of Ibiza, we suggest contacting our agency,, to assist you in the best possible way during your team retreat on this paradisefull island.

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