Parasailing in Ibiza

Nothing beats discovering the island in a different way during an unusual activity such as parasailing in Ibiza! Parasailing offers you a breathtaking aerial view of the magnificent beaches, turquoise sea water, sandy coasts, and rugged mountains of Ibiza. Also known as kite parasailing, this activity is performed halfway between the sky and the sea. Equipped with a harness, you will be connected by a cable to the parachute which is attached to the towing boat. As the boat’s speed increases, air fills the parachute’s sail. You then soar into the air, at a height of 60 meters, to enjoy a stunning panoramic view! This activity perfectly combines discovery of landscapes from the sky and thrills in the air. This unusual discovery lasts about thirty minutes, depending on the site you are exploring.

It is also possible to perform this activity at sunset, adding even more magic to this unusual experience. Parasailing in Ibiza is suitable for everyone, even the most fearful. There’s no need to be afraid, on the contrary, this activity is conducted in complete safety. Your entire team can participate in this incredible adventure. This fun and unforgettable experience is not to be missed under any circumstances if you are coming to Ibiza for your corporate retreat! Experience as a team this feeling of lightness and floating in the air during this parasailing activity in Ibiza!

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