Discovering the Hippie Market in Ibiza

Discover the Hippie Market in Ibiza! It’s a must-see for this destination! Integral to Ibiza’s culture, it’s impossible to leave the island without visiting! Ibiza’s history is partly represented by the hippie markets. It all began in 1973, at Punta Arabí in Es Canar, where the first hippy market in Ibiza opened. It featured hippies’ handmade creations, colorful dresses, and Eastern jewelry. The hippies brought all these items from their travels in India. It quickly became one of the island’s main tourist attractions. Today, the variety is so vast that it will be hard to go home without browsing the stalls of one of Ibiza’s many markets. You will head towards one of the island’s most famous hippie markets. In this market, you will find a whole world of clothing, costume jewelry, sandalwood, exotic musical instruments, ethnic music CDs, decorative fabrics, figurines, Hindu antiques, books, and much more. This activity combines cultural discovery and fun since you can make some last-minute purchases. This discovery of the Hippie Market in Ibiza is the perfect time to enjoy some free time with your colleagues during your corporate retreat. Leave with souvenirs of this experience at the heart of hippie life and share them with your family and friends! A unique and colorful experience to fully enjoy with your team during this discovery of the Hippie Market in Ibiza!

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