The most popular tapas in Barcelona

It is said that the origin of tapas can be traced back to a custom adopted by King Alfonso XIII, who, during his visit to the province of Castile, had his glass of wine covered with a slice of ham to protect it from the dust carried by the winds of the region. Since then, the region has been closely linked to the tapas culture! It is not only a culinary heritage but also a true social bond! Whether based on meat, fish, cured meats, or vegetables, tapas are sure to please everyone! Here is a list of the most popular tapas in Barcelona to guide you in making your choice during your next visit to a Catalan bar!

Patatas bravas are undoubtedly the most popular tapa in Barcelona, a simple recipe that pleases everyone, made with diced and fried potatoes served with a deliciously spicy and savory brava sauce! Be sure to order them as soon as you arrive at your bar to take the time to choose the other tapas!

Jamon iberico is an exemplary Spanish product! Jamon Iberico is a local religion. Served in thin slices as tapas, Jamon Iberico, of a quality far superior to Serrano, is arguably one of the best hams in the world!

Pimientos de padrón are delicious little fried green sweet peppers sprinkled with salt! A real treat, they are perfect to enjoy on their own!

The ham variant of croquetas is the most popular, but restaurants and bars have innovated and created several variations of this tapa, such as croquetas with mushrooms, cod, crab, or shrimp, or simply cheese for a strong and pronounced flavor in the mouth! There is something for everyone!

Poulpe a feira is a tapa originating from the north of Spain, specifically Galicia, now very popular throughout the country. This succulent tapa is prepared with sliced and boiled potatoes served with octopus and seasoned with paprika, coarse salt, and a drizzle of olive oil.

Albondigas are a kind of beef or pork meatball served with tomato sauce and slices of bread. A real treat and yet another of the most popular tapas in Barcelona that you will surely find on the menus of bars and restaurants.

Calamares a la plancha is one of the most popular tapas in Barcelona! These are simply breaded and fried squid rings served with a slice of lemon. This list has surely made your mouth water, we are already drooling! So, head to Barcelona for your next corporate retreat and prepare your taste buds because the culinary experience will be memorable!

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