Tapas Hunt in Barcelona

Discover a cultural experience combining culinary pleasure and competition in Barcelona! An enticing and unique team building event! Invite your colleagues to participate in a unique experience during a tapas hunt in Barcelona, where each team will receive a set of instructions and a map of Barcelona. The goal is to visit designated bars and meeting points to meet the person waiting for you, who will assign you a task. Challenges include tapas and wine tasting. You’ll need to use logic and team spirit to answer general knowledge questions, taste products blindly, and complete various challenges. After dividing participants into different teams, each one will receive a road book with all the information and steps to score the most points and win! On your own, embark on an adventure in the tapas bars of Barcelona! Each bar will present a different challenge. You will have to meet these challenges and also participate in tastings of delicious dishes! Teamwork is important and necessary to complete the tasks assigned to you, but one thing is for sure, it will be the most rewarding and delicious teamwork your colleagues have participated in! During your tapas hunt team building in Barcelona, each team will have a scorecard to record the points earned during the challenges. Participants will face challenges of different styles, such as general knowledge questions about Spain and specifically about Barcelona’s gastronomic culture and Catalonia’s, local habits, or the origins of famous dishes… Thankfully, tapas and drinks are part of the experience, otherwise, the questions would make you hungry! At the end, we will announce the winners and celebrate all participants in this unique team building: Tapas Hunt in Barcelona.

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