Regatta Challenge in Barcelona

Sailing regattas are a summer tradition in Barcelona. You will learn not to go over the side, use the spinnaker (the additional sail for very fine weather), steer the helm that will steer the rudder. You will need to pay attention to the wind, the water, and the air, tighten the sails, to flutter, like a butterfly on the water. Upon arrival, participants will be divided into teams (7 people per boat). A skipper will be designated for each of the teams and will conduct a comprehensive briefing. The sailing regatta in Barcelona is a guaranteed fun event, good for team building as everyone has a task to perform and a collective responsibility to move the sailboats forward. No experience is needed since detailed instructions will be provided by the skipper, and each participant will be assigned a specific role.

Organize a team sailing regatta during your team retreat in Barcelona! From May to September, thrilling sailing races are organized every weekend. A perfect Team Building for your entire company. Revitalize your team’s dynamics by sailing and playing with the sails along the beautiful Barcelona skyline. The teams will first perform trial runs before starting the competition. As a socially responsible company, our provider has designed a regatta that includes a sea treasure hunt on plastic pollution. This is a unique team building event allowing companies to register their socially responsible corporate reputation through awareness of marine debris. A regatta is a speed race of sailboats. The course is defined at the start and the boats rush towards the finish line. Combining competition, water sports, and teamwork, the Barcelona Regatta Challenge fits perfectly into an incentive program.

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