Photo Rally in Barcelona

The Photo Rally in Barcelona is an ideal team building activity, that will please all the participants of your offsite during a challenge around Gaudi. Each team will receive a series of professional photos taken at various sites of the city. Using photographic clues, maps, and the knowledge of locals, team members must work together to identify the location of each photo. Once they have found the place, they must try to replicate the photo. Other tasks include a visit to the famous Boqueria market, free expression, and the opportunity to take pictures of your teammates performing some simple and fun tasks. At the end of the activity, the photos are collected, and the best ones are selected by our professional photographer who will declare the winning team. The standard duration of this activity is 2 to 3 hours, but it can also be combined with another activity. The photo rally in Barcelona is an ideal way to combine culture and creativity while discovering the wonderful Catalan city.

Whether it’s the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batlo, the Gothic Quarter, the Parc Guëll, the Picasso Museum. Each team from the team-building will explore Barcelona equipped with a logbook, an instant camera to take on the challenges. The goal is to trace the life of Gaudi, around a game The main objective is to solve the puzzles of the route book. The participants of your offsite in Barcelona will be divided into groups and will follow the clues that will allow them to answer questions, take fun group photos, draw a typical monument of the city, crop photos… And arrange them in the most harmonious way possible in their logbooks. A fun and entertaining activity to discover Barcelona one of the most vibrant cities in Spain! This activity is extremely flexible, it can be organized at any time of the day for groups of 10 or more. It can be organized as a team spirit building activity and as an energizing and refreshing way to break up a series of meetings/conferences, taking participants out to one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe. This activity can be carried out with Polaroids or Tablets, the choice is yours!

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