Human Tower in Barcelona

This Human Tower in Barcelona team building is an incredible experience to have as a team! Team members wear traditional costumes, including the “faixa” which is used to protect the waist. Participants in this Barcelona team building will be guided by professional Catalan experts who will explain the basic techniques and concepts. This is an amazing team spirit building activity as participants must act in perfect harmony to build the tower. This traditional activity notably allows you to strengthen your skills in communication and leadership. Practice planning techniques and strengthen trust within your team. Building a human castle is the quintessential team building activity: to succeed in constructing the castles, you need perseverance, patience, and skills, but most importantly, real cohesion within the team. A single small mistake and the human castle will fall! And the only way to keep the castle standing is to collaborate and trust your team.

Try to reach the sky by building this human tower, a team building activity based on one of the most important Catalan traditions: Castells. The main goal of this team building activity is to help develop team spirit through its own dynamic called “fent pinya” which is used for the Catalan tradition of Castellers. Cooperation and communication are essential values to achieve final success. With the help of perfectly trained professional instructors, you and your teammates will form a bond made to strengthen both your towers and your team. Reach new heights with your team during your Human Tower in Barcelona team building at your corporate retreat!

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