Helicopter Tour in Barcelona

Experience a unique experience and admire a breathtaking view. Make your visit to Barcelona a special event and take part in a memorable helicopter tour. Discover Barcelona in a unique way by enjoying an incredible view from the air, from the sea to the mountains. Fly along the Barcelona waterfront, fly over the famous Sagrada Familia and head up to the diagonal stadium of the legendary Camp Nou. If there’s one city in Spain that you must visit, it’s definitely Barcelona with its striking beauty, world-renowned architecture and urban planning! You’ve surely had the chance to visit the city by getting lost in its picturesque streets and discovering the local culture festive and vibrant. But what we are offering here is to discover Barcelona from the sky! A different perspective that allows for a better understanding and location of the monuments of the city of Barcelona during our team retreat in Barcelona.

Fly aboard a helicopter, and enjoy the panorama and the sensations offered to you! A unique and thrilling experience with the sounds of the blades, taking off and the speed… Your colleagues will have the opportunity to experience a moment that will surely remain engraved in their memories: The wow effect this activity produces is undeniable! Once in the sky, admire the magnificence of the Catalan capital that unfolds before you. During your helicopter tour, you will discover the beautiful coasts of Barcelona with golden sandy beaches and the waters of the Mediterranean… Also admire, the grandeur of the Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia cathedral, the iconic site of the Forum, and of course the famous Camp Nou. Fly over the magnificent statue of Christopher Columbus, the Olympic Port of Barcelona and many other famous monuments of the Catalan city. This helicopter tour of Barcelona is a truly unusual experience that will create a simply unforgettable memory and moment in the memories of your colleagues!

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