The fascinating markets of Porto

The markets of a city can tell you a lot about how its people eat, cook, shop, and lead their daily lives. Porto is no exception, and this northern Portuguese city boasts numerous lively markets to explore during your corporate retreat in Portugal. Whether you prefer hunting for souvenirs, discovering the latest trends, or tasting the food and local wines, there’s a market for you. Here are 3 of Porto’s most interesting markets. The Urban Market: Trendy, unique, and on the lookout for all that’s chic in Porto, the urban market is a must. It’s undoubtedly one of Porto’s most atypical markets and is so fun that it would be perfect for us to organize a team-building market challenge. You’ll find contemporary furniture and decor, unique jewelry, and original clothing. The Mercado Beira-Rio de Vila Nova de Gaia: This covered market along the river is a dream for food lovers. During a tasting rally or a food tour, we’ll stop at restaurants and food stalls inside to sample some of the best local dishes. This market is also near the famous wine cellars, allowing us to hop over and taste the wine that made Porto’s reputation. The Vandoma Flea Market: In the morning, along the Douro River, near the Sé Cathedral, the streets come alive with images, sounds, and second-hand treasures. The Vandoma flea market is the ideal place to find all the vintage items you desire. Even if you’re not in the mood to buy, it’s one of Porto’s markets you’ll want to browse just for pleasure. Moreover, Vandoma is one of the oldest and most historic flea markets in the city.

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