The famous Porto wine cellars

If you’re looking to organize your corporate retreat in Porto and you haven’t planned to visit the magnificent Douro Valley, but instead are interested in a Porto wine tasting, you’re spoilt for choice. Each visit is unique, featuring a tasting room, artisanal cheeses or extraordinary chocolate pairings, as well as experienced sommeliers, among others. Discover some of the Porto wine cellars you can’t miss during your stay.

L’Espaço Porto Cruz offers much more than a wine tasting tour; it’s a full-fledged experience. Designed as a place of information, exhibition, and leisure, it offers new experiences with Porto wine by combining it with artistic creations in areas such as fashion, art, and gastronomy. Moreover, you’ll enjoy the best sunset over the historic center of Porto and the beautiful Douro River from the terrace of Espaço Porto Cruz.

Les Caves Calém, located on the waterfront of Gaia, are one of the most renowned Porto wine cellars. A visit to the Caves Calém begins with an exploration of the winery and its ancient traditions, followed by a Porto wine tasting. During this visit, you’ll also enjoy another gem of Portuguese culture, a Fado concert! At Caves Calém, a unique and pleasant evening awaits you with two of the greatest icons of Portuguese culture: wine and Fado.

Taylor’s Port House stands on a towering ridge, opposite the Douro River, offering exceptional views of the city. The history of the brand and Porto wine is told through an audio-guided tour, including a series of educational films, images, and exhibits about the Douro Valley and work in the Porto wine cellars. Visitors can choose from a variety of Porto tastings. We can also organize a master class led by wine professionals from the house, where you and your team will learn about vintage port or tawny wine.

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