Porto: Its history and monuments

Carved from granite near the mouth of the Douro River, Portugal’s second city, locally known as Porto, dazzles with the richness of its cultural attractions and monuments. The historic heart of Porto is the Ribeira. This neighborhood, located by the water, invites you to lose yourself in the maze of its narrow streets and seek some of the city’s most precious architectural treasures. Much of old Porto can be described with a pronounced 18th-century accent. Extravagant baroque churches and imposing neoclassical buildings punctuate the skyline.

The city of Porto’s most valuable content is displayed in world-class museums situated in picturesque squares. The city’s contemporary aspect is also demonstrated in its thriving modern art scene and in unexpectedly futuristic music venues. Crossing the grand bridge leading to Vila Nova de Gaia is a highlight, as is the guided tour of one of the port lodges. A cruise along the Douro is worth considering during your offsite in Porto, and for a truly memorable city panorama, take a ride on the cable car that glides from one end of the docks to the other.

One of the most unusual things to do in Porto is the opportunity to climb the arches of the Arrábida bridge, located downstream from the Ponte Dom Luís I. A unique activity to challenge the more adventurous members of your team. And if your colleagues are fans of Harry Potter, you can’t miss one of Porto’s most magical monuments, the Lello Bookstore. It’s said that J.K. Rowling found much of her inspiration for Hogwarts in this unique place! An offsite in Porto should also include exploring the city’s cathedral.

Indeed, the panorama that opens up before you from the terrace over the old city streets and the sleeping Douro is simply spectacular. Not to forget the Palacio da Bolsa, the most remarkable of Porto’s monuments due to its interior. It is so different and so special that it really deserves a visit during your team retreat in Portugal. Porto’s monuments are so numerous, majestic, and beautiful, that they make the city a real treasure! Come and discover them without delay!

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