Authentic Portuguese cuisine

Discover the delights of Porto’s culinary specialties: an inspiring experience that will awaken the taste buds of your team during your corporate trip to Portugal. As a coastal city, Porto offers authentic Portuguese cuisine that draws its flavors from a contrasting landscape, between the Atlantic Ocean, the secluded mountains of Trás-os-Montes, and the hills of the Douro Valley. Among the must-try Portuguese cuisines in Porto, the Francesinha stands out. This hot sandwich, named “little French girl,” is a Portuguese adaptation of the croque-monsieur. However, what makes the Francesinha so special is the secret sauce prepared with a unique touch by each restaurant. Bacalhau, this dried and salted cod, is the national treasure of Portugal. With over 365 ways to prepare and serve it, this iconic dish will delight fish lovers. From the oven to the barbecue, canned or fried, served with potatoes or rice, bacalhau offers an infinite variety of delights. Enjoy these exquisite bites on a food tour with your team.

The traditional and smoked Alheira sausages, originating from the northern region of Trás-os-Montes, are easy to find in local restaurants, and they’re typically served with fries, rice, and a fried egg. Be enchanted by the smoky, spicy, and natural aromas of these Alheira sausages. Just one bite will make you understand why they are so renowned! Lastly, discover the Toucinho Do Céu, a delicious almond cake from the northeast of Porto. Its name means “Bacon from Heaven,” due to the use of pork fat in its preparation, though this goes completely unnoticed. Its rich almond flavor is divine and incredibly delicious.

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