Azulejo Workshop in Porto

Are you curious about how those beautiful, painted and glazed tiles are made? What’s the secret behind their glow? We will reveal everything during this creative and cultural activity. Show your most artistic side in this artisanal tile workshop during your team retreat in Porto. Grab your brushes and let your imagination run wild! You will draw inspiration from some of the great works of the Portuguese city.


During your artisanal workshop in Porto, we will first give you a blank ceramic piece and explain the various techniques so you can create your masterpiece. Abstract, figurative, ornamental, monochrome, or full of color, the choice is yours! You’ll decorate the dry surface of the ceramic, then put the tiles in the kiln to begin the firing.


If you wish, you can take your azulejo tiles home or donate your piece for it to be displayed.

The magnificent azulejos tiles you will see in Porto and throughout Portugal are the result of a form ofart that has a long history in the country, beginning during the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula. Drawing their name from the Arabic “Zellige” - polished stone, the tiles and mosaics are painted and adorned with botanical, animal, and historical patterns in blue and white hues.


The azulejo art form has not only adorned the grandeur of palaces and churches but has also beautified the facades of shops, gardens, and street signage. This magnificent and elegant azulejo art is deeply rooted in the alleyways of the city of Porto, enchanting the region with its beautiful patterns. Enjoy your corporate retreat in Portugal and discover the nostalgic charm of the Azulejo and its features during this craft workshop in Porto.

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