The Fado Festival

Spread across seven hills, Lisbon has all the necessary features for a successful stay. Visit the capital to explore the lively neighborhoods, taste the traditional cuisine and attend the various festivals it offers! As a prime Portuguese destination, do not miss one of the iconic events of the country, the Fado festival during your corporate retreat. A symbol of Portuguese identity, Fado is the musical expression of Lisbon. Fado singers recount the city’s history, its healed soul, their sorrows, the lost empire, etc… Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Fado is ingrained in Portuguese culture. Come discover the universe of this musical genre and escape by listening to the melancholic popular songs.

Throughout the duration of the Fado festival, all the neighborhoods of Lisbon will transform into concert halls, will host famous Portuguese fadistas and will pay tribute to Amália Rodrigues who was a pioneer of Fado in the world. Considered the queen of Fado, she has been an inspiration for many other artists. The Fado Museum also opens its doors during the Fado Festival in Lisbon. Venture through its halls, discover its exhibitions, from the most classic to the latest trends. This museum truly honors traditional Portuguese music. The Fado Festival in Lisbon will take place during the first ten days of February and offers you a busy program including varied performances, exhibitions, dinner shows, introductions to plucked string instruments, etc…

Discoveries, magic, melodies, and surprises will be the keywords of this unique experience that your team will appreciate. Do not wait any longer, head to Lisbon for your next team retreat!

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