The Carnival of Portugal

One of the most memorable times to host your corporate retreat in Portugal is at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, when the country transforms into a frenzy of singing and dancing for the annual carnival. Although it may not have an international reputation like the carnivals of Venice, Rio de Janeiro, or Tenerife, Lisbon’s carnival is also one of the most traditional in Europe. The carnival in Portugal dates back hundreds of years. It has its roots in Catholic religion. Initially, the carnival began in Italy, where people dressed up and celebrated the eve of Lent. They organized grand feasts where they ate all the meat since meat was forbidden during Lent.

Today in Portugal, the carnival is the highlight event. The city of Lisbon fills with people, locals and visitors alike, to celebrate. The city truly comes alive with celebrations everywhere and lots of fun. In Lisbon, the carnival is known as the “Carnival of the Bad Guys” and the streets, like in all other carnivals of the world, are filled with colors, joy, and costumed parades accompanied by samba and other popular rhythms and music. The center and nerve point of Lisbon’s carnival is in the Park of Nations (Parque das Nações). It’s in the Parque de las Naciones that the most important events of the Carnival take place: music, parades, concerts, costume contests, car parades, etc.

The most remarkable act or celebration of Portugal’s Carnival is the “entrudo”, a parade of original floats that travel through the city streets. So why not host your corporate retreat in Lisbon and enjoy all the festivities and good mood that Portugal’s carnival has to offer.

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