Fado Show in Lisbon

With your team, you will attend a Fado show in Lisbon to dive deep into Portuguese culture. This immersive experience will allow you to appreciate Fado, an emblematic musical style of the Portuguese nation, especially in the historic districts of the capital. As part of this activity, several establishments offer a combination of the Fado show with other tourist offerings. One of the most popular options is a traditional Portuguese dinner.


During this evening, you will have the opportunity to explore the richness of Fado, a musical genre characterized by its melancholic singing accompanied by plucked string instruments. Originating in Lisbon in the 19th century, Fado reflects the traditions and cultural melting pot of the city, with deep roots in districts such as Alfama, Castelo, Mouraria, Bairro Alto, and Madragoa.


The show will take you on an emotional journey through various themes such as love, grief, encounters, loneliness, happiness, and sadness…

In an exceptional setting, prepare to be moved by the voices and talent of the artists performing on stage. This evening will be the perfect opportunity to strengthen team bonds while experiencing Portuguese folk music. Make sure not to miss this unforgettable experience during your corporate trip to Lisbon !

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