Exploring the city by tuk-tuk in Lisbon

What if you experienced Lisbon differently, aboard a tuk-tuk during your team retreat? The capital of Portugal is full of neighborhoods, monuments and sites to discover and what better way to enjoy a discovery of Lisbon by tuk-tuk to immerse yourself in the city’s serene lifestyle? The tuk-tuk is already part of the imaginary world of Lisbon, crossing the historic neighborhoods of the city with a skill that sets it apart from all other modes of transport. It’s a kind of motorized tricycle, increasingly considered as the most popular means of transportation among the curious visiting Lisbon. Its size is perfect for navigating the narrowest and most winding streets and being partially open allows passengers to enjoy Lisbon as if on a walking tour, thus being able to hear the sounds and smell the scents.

The route chosen for the city discovery by tuk-tuk in Lisbon is designed to make you explore the wonderful capital through its history, culture, people, alleys, and its gastronomy. Several stops are planned in front of certain monuments, at points in the city related to fado, in the old neighborhoods, and in front of the most beautiful panoramic views. Thanks to the charm of this unique mode of transport, you are free to gaze upon the many buildings and typical alleys of these pieces of history that will tell you, through your driver’s explanations, the essentials of the ancient lifestyles of the people of Lisbon. The tuk-tuks can carry several passengers and are all electric for environmental respect. This adds extra value to your team-building. A French-speaking or English-speaking driver will accompany you for a 2-hour tour and reveal all the secrets of the capital during this city discovery by tuk-tuk in Lisbon! A unique and unifying experience for your team!

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