Scuba diving baptism in Albufeira in Algarve

Along the Algarve coastline, spanning nearly 200 km, is the perfect place to try scuba diving during your team retreat in Portugal. An amazing and calm sea that allows for diving almost all year round, soothing beaches, and a variety of underwater attractions such as rich marine biodiversity, 18th-century sunken ships from World War II, and natural reefs make this region a unique place for scuba diving. Added to all this is a fantastic climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, breathtaking cliffs, and stunning underground caves.

The Albufeira spots with their clear waters offer good visibility, making Albufeira the perfect place to try scuba diving for the first time due to the safety of the sea and the long experience of scuba diving instructors. The underwater world of Albufeira is a vibrant and complex place where seaweed, anemones, cerianthidae, corals, alcyonacea, and sponges grow. They provide a perfect habitat for the countless fish that live there. After the preparation process, you will embark with our team of professional divers and take a boat trip to the first dive site, where a briefing will take place. The first dive will have a maximum duration of 60 minutes, after which you will return to the ship and move to a second spot for the second dive before returning to land. Everything you need for diving is provided, including tanks, weight belt, dive guide, insurance, and boat trip, while the friendly and highly experienced team can make every moment a memorable one during your team retreat in Portugal. When you dive into the Algarve waters with your colleagues, you will observe numerous different species. The most well-known species you might encounter are the sea bass, gilt-head bream, grouper, and octopus. You will likely also recognize the seahorse. And you might encounter less known fish, such as the blenny, dragonet, gobies, sculpin, nudibranchs, and scorpionfish. During the summer months, you will see a large number of triggerfish and some stingrays, as well as striped bream and Mediterranean lobsters.

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